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Strategic Planning

Set out below is a partial list of the healthcare Strategic Planning projects of MJN & Associates, LLC.

Olmsted Center for the Visually Impaired - Buffalo, New York

Melissa Acquard, CFO, Olmsted Center for the Visually Impaired
→ 716.882.1025

MJN & Associates, LLC provided the Olmsted Center with a Proposal for the Provision of Services to the Western New York Purchasing Alliance.
The Proposal addressed all financial aspects of planning a stand-alone health care laundry to process up to 30 million pounds of laundry annually. Contents include production volumes and linen mix, building cost estimates, equipment cost and functional area estimates, activity-based staffing cost estimates, total cost analysis at 15 and 30 million pounds, and a carve-outs cost analyses of exchange carts, replacement linen, uniforms and lab coats.

Health Sector Reform Programme
- Ministry of Health, Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
Laundry and Textile Services Audit and Recommendations

Mr. Mike Mahony, KPMG
→ 604.609.3874

MJN & Associates, LLC is providing ongoing laundry-consulting services to support the Ministry of Health and KPMG in the provision of the audit of national programmes for the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

The project involves the centralization of service delivery, and management of health services.

Winnipeg Regional Health Authority
- Logistics Services Laundry Operations
Delivery of Regional Linen & Laundry Services Study

Ms. Jan Legeros, Director, WRHA Logistics Services
→ 204.926.6002
Mr. Dale Berry, Business Development Engineer, WRHA Logistics Services
→ 204.926.6010
Mr. Mark Lazurko, Principal, KPMG Consulting LP
→ 780.429.5862

MJN & Associates, LLC provided ongoing laundry consultant services to the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (WRHA) and KPMG in the preparation of a 14-option business case analysis for the provision of sustainable hospital laundry services for the Winnipeg and Area Health Regions.

This business case for this ongoing project was completed in October 2001, and involved the analysis of both capital and operating cost estimates for the 14 options selected by the WRHA. The options included renovation of the existing hospital laundries, the construction of a new centralized laundry facility, and combinations of both approaches.

The option analysis also incorporated a qualitative component for the ranking of “soft” factors, as viewed by the WRHA – these factors included public perception, political endorsement, and worker priorities.

Prince Albert Hospitals - Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
Strategic Planning for the Prince Albert Community

Ministry of Health – Province of Saskatchewan, Regina

MJN & Associates, LLC acted as one of the consultants for this Strategic Planning Project that reviewed the alternatives for providing Health Care Services for the Community of Prince Albert. This project recommended the development of a Regional Health Authority to oversee the provision of In-Hospital and Community Health Services for the entire region.

The Study and Report was endorsed by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Health and served as a key building block in the development and delivery of Health Services for the Province.

Cape Breton Regional Hospital - Sydney, Nova Scotia
A Facilities Re-Use Study in the Development of the New Cape Breton Regional Hospital

Tri-Hospital Board Chair Persons Steering Committee

MJN & Associates, LLC acted as the principal consultant team, conducting an engineering assessment of the three Hospital sites in Sydney, Nova Scotia – including the Cape Breton Hospital, the Sydney City Hospital, and the Sydney Community Health Centre (St. Rita's Hospital).

MJN & Associates, LLC provided a space analysis and developed a master plan that reviewed and considered alternative uses for the buildings. The final report made recommendations on the most appropriate re-use of the facilities.

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